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Activities 2012


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London (UK), May 2nd-4th 2012

Introduction to compartmental neuronal modelling with neuroConstruct and recent advances in rapid 2-photon imaging

Meeting venue: University College of London. Link here

This course, being run by the Silver Lab @ UCL, will provide an introduction to 3D biophysically detailed neuronal modelling and recent advances in 2-photon imaging methods for studying rapid neuronal signalling. Creation of multicompartmental, conductance based neuronal models has been greatly facilitated by software packages such as NEURON andGENESIS and a range of detailed cell and network models are available which are faithful to the anatomical and biophysical properties of the corresponding biological entities.neuroConstruct is an application which facilitates the construction and analysis of such models through a 3D graphical interface and automates code generation for a number of widely used simulators.

The course will give an overview of the field of detailed compartmental modelling and how it can complement experimental approaches including 2-photon imaging. It will consist of some introductory lectures on modeling and imaging, provide hands on experience of using neuroConstruct, introduce the existing cortical, cerebellar and hippocampal models which are already available in this format, and outline the process of creating new models from experimental data. The course will also cover the simulator independent model description language NeuroML and the growing number of tools available for handling models in this format.

This course is primarily intended for participants in the BrainTrain and Marie Curie Cerebnet training programs, although there are a limited number of places available for other researchers

PhD COURSE Pavia - Italy - June 2012

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Pavia (Italia), 25-29 July 2012

Structure-function relationship in complex biological systems

Cariplo PhD course has a strong interaction with different EU and non EU projects run by the coordinators of the various Units. Among these, we recall: REALNET (STREP ICT), Cerebnet (ITN) coordinated by E. D’Angelo (CNISM) on the cerebellum and training of young researchers. Link here

Meeting Venue:

Aula A, Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare, Sezione di Biochimica - Viale Taramelli 3/b, University of Pavia (UniPv), Pavia, Italy (DRSBM) Secretariat:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Program as follows:

CEREBNET MEETING Barcelona - Spain - July 2012

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Barcelona, 12-13th July

Joint meeting BrainTrain, CerebNet and Enc Network (www.enc-network.eu), satellite Meeting of the Fens Meeting 2012. Link here

Meeting venue:
Hotel Front Marítim Barcelona, Pº García Faria, 69, 08019 BARCELONA, SPAIN, Tel. +34 933 034 440, www.gbbhotels.com

Program as follows:

C7 CEREBNET MEETING Amsterdam - Netherland - October 2012

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